Call for Proposals

This call is no longer active.

This call was made in November 2014

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to solicit proposals for the support and acceleration of projects that will quickly lead to early stage human clinical trials, which would be conducted at UC San Diego under the auspices of Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center at UC San Diego Health. Our goal is to provide administrative and other relevant support to help with the execution of creative development of clinical trials of novel stem cell related therapies for a range of human disorders. The work would all be done at UC San Diego in the Sanford Center. In general, we will not support preclinical work with the possible exception, based on strong merit, of support needed to finish up IND-enabling studies.

Suitable studies might include testing different types of stem cells for therapy of human diseases, chemical or other modulation of endogenous or cancer stem cells, development of novel imaging methods for stem cells, etc.

The level of support and number of projects we can support will be determined by the number of meritorious projects, availability of funds, and the needs of individual projects, but we envision 2-3 awards of $1 million per year for two years, or in-kind or other support in a 2-3 year time period.

Applications will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee chaired by Prof. Floyd Bloom, MD, of The Scripps Research Institute. We will start with a pre-application process, which will require that you provide us with a few pieces of key information. Specifically, please provide:

  • Proposed PI name
  • Institution
  • Title of Project
  • Disease to be treated
  • Cells or agents to be used
  • Dates of desired support
  • Scientific evidence for the value of the approach
  • Current status of the project
  • Estimate of types of support needed.

You may enter your pre-application online, or you may provide a written summary no longer than 1.5 pages with your responses. Please send your written summary to Cynthia Kuan with CC to Larry Goldstein, PhD and Jennifer Braswell, PhD.

We recognize that the details we have provided thus far are not necessarily adequate to inform everyone as to exactly which types of projects we are looking for. But we are sending out the first of what will be several calls over the ten year construction of the Sanford Center.

We will prioritize projects that arise from San Diego investigators or from Sanford Health, and projects that could soon file an IND and move to the phase 1 stage. The deadline for pre-applications is December 1, 2014. Selected pre-applications will then be asked to provide a lengthier application with more substantial description. We will notify applicants regarding their pre-application decisions by February 15, 2015.

We look forward to hearing from our colleagues about interesting projects that we might help with. We appreciate your support.


Larry Goldstein, PhD

on behalf of the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center Steering Committee