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The mission of the UC San Diego CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic ("Alpha Clinic") is to accelerate the design of innovative stem cell research to advance the testing and delivery of safe and effective stem cell-based therapies in regenerative medicine. As an academic center and in line with CIRM's mission, we also wish to engage the public with developments in the field of stem cell research and to dispel myths (sometimes referred to as "stem cell tourism").

We hope you'll find the carefully curated content useful! For even more news, visit CIRM's official blog, The Stem Cellar, which features updates at least once per week.

Recent News 

  • 7/12/17: FDA advisory panel unanimously recommends first approval for cellular therapy for the use of T-cells to cure chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). If approved, this will be the first ever approved gene modification treatment and would likely pave the way for the regulatory obstacles otherwise faced by concurrent and future cellular studies--including ones done at UCSD and across the Alpha Clinic Network.
  • 7/10/17: Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc's cervical spinal injury study expands enrollment nationwide to include C1-C4 (previously C5-C7 injuries only) and increases timeframe allowable from injury to study enrollment; to launch at UCSD late-July 2017
  • 6/20/17: Curious about stem cell trials? Here are 4 things you should know before signing up, courtesy of CIRM!
  • 4/24/17: Stem Cell Patient Advocates, Scientists and Doctors Unite Around a Common Cause at UCSD, with CIRM Chairman among others. Learn about the event directly from CIRM.
  • 6/25/16: Many UC San Diego researchers attended and presented at ISSCR 2016 in San Francisco. See how one of our UC San Diego Alpha Clinic employees is improving the consent process by deploying enhanced electronic consent tablets.
  • 6/30/16: Southern California is a hotbed of unapproved, alleged stem cell treatments. Read what Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center, has to say about these unregulated therapies in the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • 6/30/16: Unapproved "risky" therapies can cost patients thousands of dollars and may not provide any benefit, say researchers including Dr. Larry Goldstein, in this Bloomberg report which identifies nearly 200 clinics offering alleged treatments.
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