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Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa XII 

October 4 - 6, 2017

October 6, 2017
Salk Institute for Biological Studies | La Jolla, CA


The Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is a three-day conference bringing together senior executives and top decision-makers in the industry with the scientific community to advance cutting-edge research into cures. The meeting features a nationally recognized Scientific Symposium, attended by leading researchers and clinical experts from around the globe, in conjunction with the industry's premier annual Partnering Forum, the first event of its kind dedicated solely to facilitating connections in this sector. Combined, these meetings attract over 850 attendees, fostering key partnerships through more than 1100 one-on-one meetings while highlighting the significant clinical and commercial progress in the field.

The Scientific Symposium at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa attracts leading scientists, clinicians, life science business executives, patient advocates and government officials, with the aim of examining the imminent scientific and ethical challenges facing cell and gene therapy research today. The format is designed around panel discussions exploring topics ranging from basic science to revolutionary techniques and includes keynote presentations from world renowned researchers. 

Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center at UC San Diego Health

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM)

Past Events

CIRM Public Meeting: June 21, 2016 | 6:00 pm | San Francisco

When: 6:00 pm PT, June 21st | Where: Moscone Center West, San Francisco CA | Who: Public

California's Stem Cell Agency will host a public meeting at Moscone Center West in San Francisco titled The Multi-talented Stem Cell: The many ways to use them in the clinicAttendance is complimentary, and advance regsitration is requested.

Catriona Jamieson, MD, PhD (Program Director, UCSD CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic) will discuss Accelerating translation of stem cell discoveries into the clinic at this meeting, which kicks off the International Society of Stem Cell Research 2016 Annual Meeting (ISSCR).

The CIRM meeting will highlight the different ways that stem cells are being used to develop new potential treatments that are being tested in clinical trials for patients with unmet medical needs. Specific diseases that will be addressed include Parkinson's, Sickle Cell, Blindness, Cancer and more. Please visit the registration site for more information.

ISSCR 2016: June 21-25, 2016 | San Francisco

When: Daily, June 21st-25th | Where: Moscone Center West, San Francisco CA | Who: Read On...

ISSCR 2016, co-hosted by CIRM, is the largest meeting of stem cell researchers and features over 4,000 participants. Spanning from June 21st through June 25th, attendees will present over 1,600 posters and scientific talks.

Many representatives and affiliates of the UCSD CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic will participate:

  • Cory Kozlovich, BA, CCRP (Clinical Research Data Assistant, UCSD CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic) will discuss the process of developing and merits of using iPad tablets during the informed consent process in his poster (attached): Enhanced Electronic Consent (EEC) and Electronic Educational Materials (EEM) for Stem Cell Studies May Increase Protocol Adherence. 7-8pm on 6/24, booth 3070.
  • Reilly Kidwell, BA, CCRC (Clinical Research Coordinator, UCSD Moores Cancer Center) presents her posterA Phase I Clinical Trial of UC-961 (Cirmtuzumab), An Anti-ROR1 Monoclonal Antibody, for Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Planned Safety Analysis. 7-8pm on 6/24, booth F2232.
  • Fay Jiang, PhD (Scientist, Jamieson Lab) presents her talkRNA Editing of CDKN1A Induces Accelerated Cell Cycle in Normal Hematopoiesis. 2:30-2:45pm on 6/25 in the Leukemia & Stem Cells concurrent session IV.
  • Frida Holm, PhD (Scientist, Jamieson Lab) presents her posterLoss of the Transcriptional Repressor Muscleblind-Like 3 (MBNL3) Cause Cancer Stem Cells to Switch to an Embryonic RNA Splicing Pattern Enhancing their Self-renewing Capacity. 6-7pm on 6/23, booth 2231.
  • Robert Signer, PhD (UCSD Division of Regenerative Medicine)
  • Dan Kaufman, MD, PhD (Advisor, UCSD CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic; UCSD Division of Regenerative Medicine) will speak on behalf of Fate Therapeutics in the focus session Fighting Cancer with Off-the-Shelf iPSC Immunotherapies. 9am-noon on 6/22, Rooms 2020/2022 (Dr. Kaufman's talk is 10:10-10:40).
  • Ethan Li (Scientist, Kaufman Lab) presents his posterEnhanced Anti-Tumor Activity of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Natural Killer Cells by Expression of Chimeric Antigen Receptors. 7:30pm on 6/22, booth W1050.
  • Robert Blum (Scientist, Kaufman Lab) presents his posterEngineering Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Natural Killing Cels to Express Cleavage-Resistant CD16A for Enhanced Anti-Tumor Killing. 7-8pm on 6/23, booth 1040.

CIRM Alpha Clinic Network Symposium & DRM Symposium

March 17, 2016

Information available on the Alpha Clinic page.

Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa X

October 7-9, 2015


Sanford Consortium/Sanford Research Symposium

May 18-19, 2015

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Diabetes Public Forum

February 23, 2015

diabetes public forum 2-23-15