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Translating Stem Cells: A New Professional Education Course

Official Start Date: Thursday, April 2, 2018

Please remember to join us at UC San Diego Extension - University City Center!

Current Enrollment Period: Spring 2018

The UC San Diego CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic is committed to educating patients and professionals, including study staff. We are pleased to invite all clinical research professionals, from coordinators to physicians, to enroll in Translating Stem Cells (CLRE-237).

This 20 hour course is offered via CTRI CREST program. The course may also count as an elective in the MAS program, but applicants do not necessarily need to be enrolled in either the CREST nor MAS program to take this course!

Enrollment period is currently closed. Please contact CTRI CREST program with questions, and click here to apply.

Click this downloadable flyer for more information about the course. The sections below have additional details.

Translating Stem Cells: About the Course

This course focuses on practical application of the principles of translating stem cell-based therapies, especially those in early development and in Phase 1 studies. Students will acquire skills to translate these interventions from the bench to the bedside by designing a trial. Differences between drug development and stem cell-based therapies will be highlighted. Click this downloadable flyer for more information about the course.

Highlights of the Stem Cell Translation course


  • 20 hours of face-to-face interaction (2 units; course CLRE-237)
  • Once weekly on Mondays: April 2 – June 11, 2018
  • 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Location: UC San Diego Extension, UCC, 6256 Greenwich Drive, Room 111 San Diego, CA 92122
  • Topics: defining translation, study design, regulatory compliance, ethical considerations, endpoint and statistical planning, differences between Phase I and beyond, unique aspects of stem cell studies
  • Final project: individually design a rational, ethical clinical trial for a cell-based therapy
  • Grade based on participation, homework and a final exam/individual project
  • Build the cost into your upcoming grants! The cost is $1,500 for non-MAS or non-CREST seekers. For MAS or CREST members, the cost is about $575. This cost may be allowable by federal or state grants.


Featured Speakers & Topics

Experts in the relevant fields lead as guest lecturers. Most speakers are affiliated with the Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center, the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine or UC San Diego CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic.

  • Introduction and facilitation by Sheldon Morris, MD, MPH and Catriona Jamieson MD, PhD
  • Michael Choi, MD, Moores Cancer Center - Phase 1 Trial Design
  • UC San Diego Division of Regenerative Medicine and the Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratory GMP Facility at UC San Diego Health - Stem Cell Targets & GMP Production
  • Joseph Ciacci, MD, UC San Diego Department of Surgery (Neurosurgical stem cell studies) - Stem Cell Delivery
  • Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, MBA, UC San Diego Professor of Medicine - Cancer Stem Cells
  • Vickie Sheckler, Sanford Center Project Manager/Regulatory Expert - Unique Regulatory Challenges & Approval Process in Stem Cell Studies
  • Eric Ahrens, PhD, UC San Diego Professor of Radiology Imaging Expert - Imaging Techniques
  • Sheldon Morris, MD, MPH - Human Subject Issues with Stem Cell Therapies
  • Other experts from UC San Diego CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

How to Enroll & Who to Contact

ADMINISTRATION: The Alpha Clinic is closely involved in the course, however it is offered and administered through the CTRI CREST Program. Please enroll via the CREST program website.

CERTIFICATION: Participants taking only this course will not receive a CREST/MAS certificate. This course may be applied to CREST or MAS certificates.

COST: Applicable fees and tuition are collected by the program. Fees vary based on UC San Diego affiliation and CREST or MAS certificate status. Keep in mind: tuition/fees may be allowable by federal or state grants.

QUESTIONS: Please contact CTRI CREST program with questions and for assistance enrolling. Registration is due by April 30, 2018.