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The mission of the Molecular Imaging Center at Sanford (MICS) is to advance state-of-the-art in vivo preclinical imaging and spectroscopy techniques to better understand tissue and organ function, and to make these tools available to the greater biomedical research community.

On a limited basis, the imaging center will also provide advanced training opportunities in in vivo preclinical imaging methods including allowing observations of scanning and training in image analysis.

Specialized expertise for studies include:

  • Non-invasive neurological and whole body imaging
  • Structural phenotyping
  • Magnetic resonance microscopy
  • Cell tracking
  • Metabolism
  • Gene imaging reporters
  • Radiotracers
  • Receptor occupancy imaging and sophisticated image analysis in applications such as in vivo models of regenerative medicine, cancer, neurology and inflammation

MICS operates as a UC San Diego research recharge service with standard recharge rates for imaging instrumentation usage and technical assistance.  Financial management and billing is the responsibility of the UC San Diego Stem Cell Program. The MICS operates as an academic-industrial partnership with a leading preclinical imaging contract research organization, InviCRO, LLC. Corporate projects will work directly with InviCRO.